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Resim  Leather Table Runner / Artificial Leather Cover

Leather Table Runner / Artificial Leather Cover- Resim1

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Leather Table Runner / Artificial Leather Cover

Runner tablecloths, an alternative to RUNNER table tablecloth, are produced in fabric and leather. Leather table runners are maintenance free. It is a practical and useful product. It is preferred because of its easy-to-use feature and elegant appearance. It is frequently used in cafe and restaurant environments. Standard runner models suitable for each table are produced in the desired color. It is suitable for use either on a bare table or on a tablecloth.

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Leather table runner  covers are maintenance free. Leather table runner cover is economical. The leather table runner cover you buy once sees you for a long time without any maintenance costs. It saves you from washing costs.

 The production of ranir tablecloths, whose sags are adjusted with suitable dimensions for each table, is produced under the control of our company in its own workshop. It is shipped in a ready-to-use ironed state.

 Artificial Leather Runner 

Artificial leather table runners are produced in Alpera Textile workshop with color and model designs and combinations. Call us to buy quality artificial leather runners. Not all artificial leather table runners are produced. Therefore, the priority that should be considered in the selection of artificial leather table runners is the leather quality. Artificial leather runners, of which you are not sure of their quality, can wear and change color on the surface over time. Alpera Tekstil is the workshop of pioneers and firsts with its expert staff in artificial leather table runner manufacturing.


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